Our story

Les Sûtras is a Luxembourg based fashion designer brand that binds exquisite designs with skilled craftsmanship. Each of our products is unique, and made with lot of passion and attention.

Les Sûtras brings together high quality Fashion Garments, Scarves, Accessories and customized hand embroidered Couture and Bridal dresses. We specialise in products that are handcrafted and can be personalized.

Our aim is to make you feel special, so owning a Les Sûtras becomes a beautiful experience for you. Of course, the only way to enjoy our product is to see it up close! Allow us to introduce you to the Les Sûtras experience!

Our Story

Inspired by beautiful fabrics, designs and colours, Zenia Dutta Roy, the founder of Les Sûtras, wanted to create a brand that embraced products that were classic, classy and beautiful.

Since each piece we wear, says a lot about us, she feels it is important to style ourselves in a way that reflects our personality, thoughts, as well as ideas. Keeping that in mind, she founded Les Sûtras in November 2016. Serendipitously, it was at that time that she came across skilled women workers who made beautiful creations, and Zenia was inspired to take their art to the world.


Social responsibility has always been a core value at Les Sûtras. Our mission is to be ethical and fabulous at the same time. We mostly collaborate and encourage women entrepreneurs. We also share a part of our profit to sponsor education for children with special needs in India.


We believe in slow fashion and sustainability. This is why we create pieces that are classic and never go out of style. We also always use sustainable and eco-friendly materials for all our collections.

Our packaging is in eco friendly reusable luxurious silk bags which in itself speaks about environment and sustainability.

Education Is Key

We are happy to announce our collaboration with Aide à l’Enfance de l’Inde et du Népal (AEIN)

For every Les Sûtras product you buy, a part is donated for quality education of children in Odisha , India in collaboration with AEIN.

Buy a scarf, educate a child!

Les Sûtras - Social Cause
Les Sûtras